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Surfboard and wetsuit Hire

Surfboard and wetsuit

Its £15 when you hire a surfboard and wetsuit together.

Opening Times

We aim to be open every time the surf is good, if you’re planning on coming down early, give us a call and we can open up for you. We have no set opening times as the surf has no set times. 


We offer a surf rental service so you can  hire a surfboard and wetsuit and get out there and practice. we will also help you with your surfing, so any questions, please ask  

Get out and surf

The best way to improve your surfing is to get out there and keep practising, you get 2hrs when you hire, have a good surf. 

Surfboard, Wetsuit, boots and glove hire. 

Surfboard £10

Wetsuit £10

Wetsuit boots £3

Wetsuit gloves £3

Wetsuit hood £3

Wear Warm Clothes

Please bring swimwear for under your wetsuit, a towel and It’s always good to bring warm clothing.


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