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Longsands Surf Lesson at Tynemouth

If you are booking midweek and the kids are not on holiday, please call first, as we need 4 people to run a lesson.

Please could you arrive at least 15 minutes early for your surf lesson. 

All equipment is supplied however you will need to bring a towel & some warm clothing.


Lesson rundown:- 

Our lessons consists of the following elements:

  • Introduction

  • Equipment issue & getting into your wetsuit (which is a lesson in itself at first) 

  • Beach & water safety

  • Warm up followed by entry into the sea

  • Next on the beach we demonstrate paddling your board, correct hand & foot position and the hard bit, standing up (on land). The class then have a go at paddling and then jumping up to the standing position on their board, this also tells us if they have a natural or goofy stance (Surfy term for left or right foot forward). We then all enter the sea and begin to catch waves and start stand up surfing

  • In water help and instruction. 

  • Catching waves and correct position on the surfboard

  • Building water confidence 

  • Correction and praise


Please read our indemnity policy prior to booking here 

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